Colóquio Internacional

Amanhã, em Lisboa, vai realizar-se o primeiro Colóquio Internacional de Estudos Japoneses em Portugal dedicado especificamente à relação entre a Era dos Descobrimentos e as problemáticas da Globalização. O acesso a este colóquio é totalmente livre e gratuito, e não se limita a alunos da instituição de ensino no qual o mesmo se realiza. Noto ainda que estarão presentes, pela primeira vez em Portugal, nomes muito relevantes no panorama académico japonês.

coloquio cham

coloquio cham 2

Para aceder ao cartaz em PDF: Cartaz_CrossroadsCulturesFirms

Quanto à minha comunicação, agendada para as 15.30h, revelo aqui no blog o seu resumo.

Challenges in Identity and Territory:

from the visual culture of memory to the status of “heritage”

Key Words: Identity, Territory, History, Religion, Tourism

Core concepts in Western Philosophy such as Identity, Memory and History have never been considered to suit phenomena taking part in Japan as much as Japanese ideas about living treasures, reconstructing monuments and non-linear time have been scarcely used in arguments about European or even American culture. However, as the logics of cultural management and territory planning took a turn to a more global frame – the so called “glocal” issue – the need to reflect upon new problems made scholars and professionals seek out-of-the-ordinary schemata, questioning frontiers between disciplines and academic traditions. Fields of research that used to be very far from each other, anthropology and art history in one hand, international relations and politics in the other, found themselves face to face in more than one particular type of “heritage”. The visual culture of both places and people got intertwined with tourism practices to the point of being necessary to discuss what the commodity is and what is the identity, not neglecting the ability to “imagine” a community but going beyond that: finding strategies to develop low-populated regions, deal with aging, keep the pace in security challenges, take a grasp on religious narratives and crate a safe environment for native or foreign minorities.

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